music portfolio


Feature length:
ARK – NIKOLA’S CODE (feature, Lightburst Pictures)
PLAN B (feature, 20th Century Fox)
ON THE ROPES (feature, WTFilms)

Short films et al.:

Wünsch mir Glück (short, starring Bob Odenkirk)
Food-Balls (TV series, European League of Football)
Bad Choice (short, Reel Deal)
Evil Twin (short, Epicman)
MIFcom GamesCom (commercial)
Beatbuddy (video game, THREAKS)
Hermes Run (mobile game, THREAKS)


Keine Angst, Heiligenschein & Angelcamp (Knossi & Sido feat. Manny Marc & Sascha Hellinger, King Knossi Records)
Plan B OST (various, DistroKid)
Eins (Puls, Universal Music)
Lost in Yesterday (Europa Deep, Warner Music)
Das System (K.I.Z. feat Sido, Royal Bunker)
PURE Radio Commercial (PURE)
Jahr TSV Awards (Jahr Verlag)
Bombardier ZEFIRO Commercial (Bombardier)

Also, listen to this…

“Ark” – Beginning (Orchestral-Electronic)

“Die Unfähigkeit des Beisammenseins” – Music Reel (Electronic-Orchestral)

Intro and main theme to “Wünsch mir Glück” with Bob Odenkirk (Jazz-Soul)

“The Future Starts Now”, Concept Music (Electronic-Funk-Orchestral)

“Plan B”, Theme Song (AOR/80s Rock)

Showreel music for Jonathan Eusebio (fight coordinator, Marvel’s “The Avengers”) (Orchestral-Electronic)

“Umbriel”, Concept Music (Orchestral)

“Hermes Run”, game music (60s Soul)